Mawdud Choudhury <br />FCMI, FBCS CITP, FInstLM, MIoD<br />

Mawdud Choudhury

Director, CEO, Venture Partner


Mawdud's bio

Director, CEO, Venture Partner

"Dedicated to maintaining a reputation built on excellence, service, and uncompromising ethics. Mawdud is an experienced, top-calibre, business focused and successful Senior Executive with over sixteen years of global experience"

Mawdud is CEO of Meedah Group Limited, a boutique consulting firm which provides a number of services including Offshore services, Consulting and Advisory services and Turnkey Project Management.

He is a Director of the Canada Clean Energy Association (CCEA), which has been established to promote Clean Energy, Clean Energy Technologies, and Alternative Energy. He isalso working as Senior Manager IT / Chief Information Officer (CIO) for State General Reserve Fund (SGRF) in Oman. Previously he worked as CIO for Universal System Technologies (UST), a leading ICT Firm in Brunei Darussalam, and earlier in his career he worked in numerous senior capacities at HSBC in the UK.

Mawdud is accredited with a number of prominent and global professional institutions including being a Fellow (FCMI) of the Chartered Management Institute, a Chartered Fellow (FBCS CITP) of the British Computer Society, and a Fellow (FInstLM) of the Institute of Leadership & Management, which comprises the most senior, qualified and respected professionals in Management, IT and Leadership respectively. He is also a Member (MIoD) of the Institute of Directors.


Explore Mawdud's professional history and get to know the companies he has worked at and the roles and responsibilities he's been assigned.

2014 - Current


Meedah Group Limited

2014 - Current


Canada Clean Energy Association

2013 - Current


Executive Virtual Office, Inc. (EVO)

2012 - Current

CIO / Senior Manager IT

State General Reserve Fund - Ministry of Finance

2012 - Current

Venture Partner / Consultant

Various investment groups / venture capital funds / angel investors

2011 - 2012


FM Barron & Associates, LLC

2009 - 2012

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Universal System Technologies

2006 - 2009

Senior Project Manager, HTS Global Banking & Markets


2004 - 2006

Project Manager, HSBC Technology Services Europe


2003 - 2004

IT Consultant, HSBC Futures


2000 - 2003

IT Manager, HSBC London IT Services


1998 - 2000

IT Analyst



Meedah Group Limited


A boutique consulting firm which provides a number of services. Current Opportunities:

Private Placement Programs
Commodities Buying & Selling
Offshore Services
Consulting and Advisory Services
Turnkey Project Management
Wealth Management and Private Banking
Investment, Financing and Project Funding


Canada Clean Energy Association

Objectives of the CCEA include but are not limited to:

1. Promoting Clean Energy, Clean energy technology, Alternative Energy, as the future generation energy usage.
2. Advocating the Sustainable Development of the World using Clean Energy solutions wherever possible.
3. Calling attention to the Social Responsibility for using cleaner energy to save the Earth.
4. Promoting the concept of Clean Energy knowledge accumulation, education and training.
5. Initiatives to promote a global Clean Energy Commodity Exchange Market Place.


Executive Virtual Office, Inc. (EVO)


Executive Virtual Office (EVO) is your complete solution for the best in evolving business communication and collaboration – delivering the features, functionality and flexibility necessary to meet the changing demands of today’s highly mobile workforce anytime, anywhere and on any device.

CIO / Senior Manager IT

State General Reserve Fund - Ministry of Finance

CIO / Senior Manager IT

Chief Information Officer / Senior Manager IT for the largest sovereign wealth fund in the Sultanate of Oman. The State General Reserve Fund (SGRF) was established in 1980 by a Royal Decree 1/80. It endeavors to achieve long term sustainable returns on the revenues generated from the oil and gas, and that are surplus to the state's budgetary requirements. On behalf of the Government of Oman, SGRF manages the reserves placed in its care to achieve best possible long term returns with acceptable risks, through investing in a diversified portfolio of asset classes in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Venture Partner / Consultant

Various investment groups / venture capital funds / angel investors

Venture Partner / Consultant with an excellent network of investment groups / venture capital funds / angel investors.


FM Barron & Associates, LLC

FM Barron & Associates, assists a small group of alternative investment managers with their marketing efforts. Introduced and referred prospective institutional and/or accredited investors for the Facebook Pre-IPO.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Universal System Technologies

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

CIO for a leading IT Systems Integrator, Solutions Provider and Consultancy in Brunei Darussalam. Universal System Technologies or UST is a subsidiary of Universal Electronic Enterprise (UEE) - which has been operating in Brunei since 1978. UST was established in 2004 as the new Information Technology (IT) arm of UEE to focus on IT solutions and services; Employing more than 40 IT experts, UST is a leading IT company based in Brunei.

Responsibilities included:

 Operations Management
 Strategy
 Head of IT
 PR and Communications
 PMO & Programme Manager
 Business Development

Senior Project Manager, HTS Global Banking & Markets


Senior Project Manager, HTS Global Banking & Markets

HSBC Global Banking and Markets provides tailored financial solutions to major government, corporate and institutional clients worldwide.

A senior role reporting to the Global Head of Post Trade IT. Managed staffing, budgeting, design, and integration of software and hardware systems for Global Market Data, Operational Risk Management, Trade Matching and Regulatory Reporting Systems for 1,000+ users globally.

Project Manager, HSBC Technology Services Europe


Project Manager, HSBC Technology Services Europe

HSBC Technology and Services Europe (HTSE) is a pivotal part of the HSBC Group which seamlessly integrates technology platforms and operations with an aim to re-define customer experience and drive down unit cost of production.

Managed staffing, budgeting, development and support of all Wintel based Systems and Software for 500+ users globally. Managed and implemented a portfolio of projects in order to deliver revenue targets, business improvement, operational continuity and regulatory compliance. Technical and Project Lead for all Wintel based trading Systems and Applications in HTSE. Reported to Head of Global Production Support.

IT Consultant, HSBC Futures


IT Consultant, HSBC Futures

HSBC Futures provides professional market coverage, order execution and clearing services backed by the financial strength of the HSBC Group. HSBC Futures has memberships on over 30 exchanges worldwide and access to over 60. They are on all the major futures and options exchanges, either as a direct member or through third-party intermediaries, helping clients with trade executions and clearing.

IT Consultant for CIBM IT Futures & Options. Technical and Project Lead for the Global Implementation of a ‘Follow the Sun’ Support Model. Defined and implemented processes for a new global support model in London, New York and Hong Kong. Provided advisory, development and support for a number of electronic trading solutions, including FIX, Futures Direct Clearing, and Bloomberg for 50+ users. Reported to Head of Global Futures IT.

IT Manager, HSBC London IT Services


IT Manager, HSBC London IT Services

HSBC London IT Services provided niche IT services to its investment, capital, private and wealth management banking units in the UK and Europe, backed by the financial strength of the HSBC Group.

Provided project management and technical support services for the FX, Money Markets, Equities and Private Banking units.

IT Analyst


IT Analyst

Barnardos is one of the UK's leading children's charities. It works directly with over 200,000 children, young people and their families every year. It runs over 900 vital services across the UK, including counselling for children who have been abused, fostering and adoption services, vocational training and disability inclusion groups.

Developed IT skills and gained practical experience by undertaking many operational, technical and support orientated roles.


See where Mawdud spent time studying and gained early knowledge to prepare for his professional life.

Queen Mary, U. of London BSc (Hons) Economics

Queen Mary, U. of London

BSc (Hons) Economics

1995 - 1998 Major subjects included Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Economics of Securities Markets, Econometrics, Accounting & Finance, Fundamentals of Management, Industrial Economics and Organisational Behaviour.
Stanford University IT Benchmarking Certificate

Stanford University

IT Benchmarking Certificate

2012 - 2012 Studied the following courses:

1. Benchmarking in the IT Organization - Fundamentals
2. Implementing an IT Benchmarking Project
3. Measuring the Value and Health of IT Projects and Applications
4. IT Portfolio Management - Linking IT to Baseline Value

Completed - July 2012


Mawdud works as a 'Venture Partner' with a number of business advisory, consulting, investment groups, venture capital funds, and angel investors concentrating mainly on technology, energy, real estate, and M&A.

Private Placement Programs

Offshore Services, Tax Efficient Savings, Investment Solutions

Consulting Services & Partnership

Private Placement Programs<br />

Private Placement Programs

Meedah Group Limited are pleased to invite you to participate in the private placement programs. None of the customary standards and practices that apply to normal, conventional business, investing and finance applies to private placement programs. It is a "privilege" and we extend that privilege out to you and your clients.

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Offshore Services, Tax Efficient Savings, Investment Solutions<br />

Offshore Services, Tax Efficient Savings, Investment Solutions

Meedah Group Limited has partnered with an Independent Financial Advisor Company who operates in a large number of countries specialising in providing clients with financial advice and cost effective saving and investment solutions. They are completely independent and have access to the entire range of financial institutions and funds in the offshore market place.

Learn More
Consulting Services & Partnership

Consulting Services & Partnership

Mawdud provides Advisory and Consulting services in the vertical market TMT for leading Research organisations, and is always searching for partnership opportunities for his organisation.

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A concise list of some of the most valuable professional skills Mawdud possesses. His tricks of the trade and what he can bring to the table.


Venture, Investments, Project Funding


Strategy & Planning

Innovation and new ways of working

Business Alignment

Profit & Loss


Consulting & Advisory

Program & Project Management

IT, Operations, Finance, Admin, HR

Service Delivery, Change, Support

Team Building

Training / Mentoring

Risk Management

Vendor Management

Business Development

ERP, Internet, Intranet, Extranet

Mobile Computing

Big Data

Startups / Turnarounds


Hear what some of Mawdud's clients and colleagues have to say about him after working together on various projects throughout his career.

Hamid Hamirani

Senior Economist at Ministry Of Finance Oman

“Mawdud brings in an entrepreneur zilch to his work which is very refreshing for businesses looking for an IT solution as with Mawdud you don’t just get an IT solution but a complete well thought business resolution.”

Ashby Monk

Executive & Research Director, Global Projects Center, Stanford University

“I've been very impressed by Mawdud's grasp of the technology of investing. He understands how the data architecture of an institutional investor can help the entire organization's performance, and he also knows how to implement and execute (even in some very challenging environments). Mawdud is a great person to work with.”

Susan Daniel FCCA

Director of Risk Management & Compliance

“Mawdud is a talented young man with lots of hands on experience in IT. Mawdud is hard working, higlhy motivated and commited to delivering high quality projects on time and his work is very thorough and in line with global best practices. Mawdud is ready to take on more complex proejcts in IT.”

Jega Sutharsan

Enterprise Account Manager at Zend (LION - 7500+)

“I've known Mawdud for a long time - and, even back at university, he had a quality about him that made people turn to him for advice and guidance. Obviously, it helped that he was always right:-) He was able to shine whether working on big team assignments or on short topical projects, and his ability to communicate and delegate tasks to the teams he worked in ensured that we all got good grades! Mawdud has that quiet, solid, strength that you usually find in someone twice his age - and I'm glad to count him as a friend. He's a natural born superstar, but is too nice to ever say it himself!”

Frank Barron

Managing Member, Plutus Funds Group, LLC

“I was introduced to Mawdud by a mutual friend approximately nine months ago. He has been a tremendous resource in assisting me develop network of UHNW and Institutional Investors in Europe and the Middle East. He is extremely professional and hard working. I would strongly recommend him and his consultancy services.”

Wiwie Yudiantyo

Chief of Business Research and Development at PT Astragraphia Tbk

“Mawdud is a meticulous and conscientious CIO with a wide knowledge on the business processes and inner workings of various telco businesses as well as the prevailing telco technology in general.
His ability to see and analyze a large amount of information and issues from a 360° perspective is invaluable, while his perceptiveness and instincts regarding the human touch needed in working together with people from various backgrounds and cultures is highly commendable.
It has been a pleasure to work together with him and I wish him well in all his current and future endeavors.”

Subroto Kumar Chatterjee

AVP - Global Delivery & Account Management at UshaComm

“I had the opportunity to work with Mawdud while executing a project for Telecom Brunei. I found Mawdud to be very articulate and logical and he has the capacity to not wilt under pressure but instead addresses issues with a very cool head and structured thinking. I found him to be a very good listener and is very unbiased in his judgements. It was indeed a pleasure to work with him.”

Arfan Arlanda

Senior Consultant at Microsoft Services - South East Asia

“Mawdud is a brilliant, critical, cooperative, yet humble kind of person.
I found him as an optimistic individual with high calibre of leadership.
He has deep knowledge on both conceptual and practical things, and always able to explain it in plain and easy language; a great communicator.
He is a very supportive and inspiring leader.”

Kim Howell San Juan

Technical Lead at Universal System Technologies

“He is one of the best managers I have ever met. Mawdud is not only a creative and result driven person but also an inspiring strategist. Mawdud is a motivated professional, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way. Careful, great and very good employee with huge knowledge. Broad-minded colleague and a manager who cares for company employees. Knowledge of IT technologies in connection with modern way of managing make Mawdud an employee with really huge potential.”

Darryn Liew

General Manager at B.S.Syscom (B) Sdn. Bhd.

“Mawdud demonstrated his professionalism as a project management executive during our engagement as business partner. He is extremely patience in working together to resolve challenges which we faced in project delivery. Mawdud's knowledge & experiences makes him an excellent communicator between us and the end customer.”

Douglas Yu

Regional Sales Manager (East Malaysia & Brunei) at Niro Ceramics Sales & Services Sdn Bhd

“I'd worked with Mawdud on a few projects in Brunei, and finds him to be courteous, kind and have the client's best interests at heart. He is diplomatic when handling crisis situation, result oriented and professional in managing his clients and business. He brings great values to any organizations.

I am going to miss working with him, and wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors.

Douglas Yu
Branch Manager
IBM Malaysia”

Nurshiam Kholil

Project Manager at HERE, a Nokia company

“I see mawdud as young and very confidence leader. He always has positive energy whether to win a sales deal or to solve a complex challenge.”

Tunggul Sutrambuko Mubowo

IT Infrastructure Development Manager at DST

“... i have known Mawdud since he join in Universal System Technologies, and found him easily to adapt within our company and with our customer, He have a natural leader kind of person, easy to communicate and never running out of patience in explaining his thought and leading the member of his team, He have outstanding knowledge and experience as our Chief Information Officer, completely dependable and reliable, have a "get it done" attitude, never blame for anyone in any problems, Share his knowledge with his co-workers, always inspiring his worker to work at their best, always give the best to his family ...”

Bani Trehan

Information Technology and Services

“Mawdud is a very people oriented person with an eye for detail. I have always found him ready to help and willing for discussions on the most complicated subjects. He is extremely patient even in times of great stress or tight deadlines. His calm composure coupled with down to earth behaviour makes him a great person to work with.”

Moaz Al-Sibaai

Senior Solution Account Executive at SAP

“Mawdud is excellent communicator and he is pleasure to work with. Mawdud is very knowledgeable and competent IT professional and manager.

Mawdud is business focused with attention to details. Mawdud is calm under pressure, results oriented and delivery focused.”

Mark Griffin

Senior Network Analyst at KPMG

“It was a pleasure to work with Mawdud at HSBC. He was always a complete professional and very dedicated to his role. He had great attention to detail and prided himself on doing a job properly and to the best of his ability. Even when he was under pressure to meet deadlines he was still able to carry out his work in a calm and collected manner.”

Alastair Curry

Analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities

“Mawdud was a pleasure to work with and his interpersonal skills were second to none. He was extremely knowledgeable about CityNetworks' software and the entire middle and back office environment. He managed support issues and projects with speed, professionalism and minimal impact to the business users.”

Koen Vanderhoydonk

A business accelerator for Financial Institutions at DynaFin

“Mawdud is very responsible and client focused man. During the time we worked together he was always ready to make the extra mile to ensure to best service for his internal clients. He was very knowledge on our Euroclear products. He was truly and ideal customer to work for.”

Minh Tranvanba

Product Manager at Ipreo

“Mawdud's management skills were excellent and his calm nature allowed him to handle pressure extremely well in difficult circumstances. All issues and projects were always handled with care, attention to details, professionalism and swiftly as he has great knowledge of the CityNetworks product and the internal suites used at HSBC. His interpersonal skills were exceptional making him a pleasure to work with.”

Clarence Kwong

Senior Analyst at Tullett Prebon

“Mawdud is as genial and pleasant a client as one could wish to meet.

His management of all situations (good, bad or critical) was exemplary and I am certain he, with all the technical and management skills he displayed, will be a great asset for his current company.”

Ashley Hanson

IT Service Management Professional

“Mawdud was an exceptional graduate appointment who joined my team with no experience straight from University. He was quick to pick up and learn support skills at 1st, 2nd and 3rd level and quickly developed the Network skills necessary for him to move into more senior levels at that time. Mawdud is a very level headed, conscientious, astute and assiduous IT professional. It is no surprise to see Mawdud’s career develop as well as it has done.”


Get in touch with Mawdud if you would like to do business together, share an idea or just say hello.

Sultanate of Oman

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